Problem Statement: Digital transformation is creating a seachange in the way our customers go to market and how their customers experience their product and services. This creates an opportunity for technologists to have a different conversation that empowers their business. Our challenge is that most technologists are focused on the IT organization and not the business functions of their customers. The business customers are looking for new consumption models that many of our partners struggle to communicate and deliver.

IMPACT provides technologists with the tools and rules of playing an elevated game with these business leaders (LoB). The focus is on how strategy and operations work together to drive business/mission outcomes. How are our current IT customers connected to these strategies? Most importantly, how do we connect the dots between what the business needs and the requirements that the IT organization provides to achieve these outcomes?

Timing: 2 days

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Course Outline:

  • An Uncertain Future
    • The IT future is unsteadied and opaque. We will provide guidance and tools to navigate this new normal and the confidence to identify new opportunities within an unclear environment.
  • Business Architecture
    • In order to have an effective conversation with our customer’s business leader – we need to have a fundamental knowledge of the different components of our customer’s business. We will provide a simplified business architecture – a roadmap to where the new buyers are.
  • Who’s who is the Zoo?
    • The current terminology of how to determine who the next-generation buyer is often distracting and confusing. We will provide easy to use, easy to remember approaches to who the new buyer is and what drives and motivates them. We will provide tools that allow our teams to be confident in elevating into these new buyers – finding net-new opportunities that are far larger and more profitable. We will do this while keeping our current buyer happy, motivated and buying.
  • Business Modeling
    • In order to help our customer’s business people, we need to understand their business model. How do they make money? What is their value proposition? What are the capabilities required to sustain value? Ultimately, how do we determine their business needs at speed. We will provide the tools that allow our teams to be able identify these goals and business initiatives and most importantly chain our value to their business outcomes.
  • Process Modeling
    • Many of the new buyers will be in business operations. They care about the people, process and technology required to provide the capabilities to their business. How do we effectively integrate our product and services into their process – this is the key to future navigation in our customer’s accounts. We will provide the tools to effectively connect our company’s product and services into our customer’s processes and policies.
  • Elevate
    • In the end, having a business conversation doesn’t matter if it doesn’t lead to deeper and wider financially profitable business. We help your teams to understand how to effectively present solutions to these new buyers through mapping their value to their customer’s needs. Ultimately, your team has the confidence and respect to work the business leaders in their accounts.