What is EXPAND?

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EXPAND opportunity planning is an enhanced account planning focused on finding new, previously latent opportunities in your accounts.

The goal is to have a deeper understanding of existing opportunities and explore and find new incremental opportunities.

It’s like fishing; usually the most desirable fish are in deeper waters. Using the same old skimming methods will not help you to catch those fish.

This is not the usual sales training, we will not try to teach you some methods and leave you without actionable results. We will use your current accounts and show you how to use less energy while achieving much more impact by looking at your customer in a holistic way.


What EXPAND can do for you

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. -Victor E. Frankl

In this world of accelerating business agility where companies must remodel their business, build new strategies, and create new digitalized services, your relevance as an account manager depends on whether you are able to understand the business goals and pain points of your customers and help them to innovate, transform and optimize their systems and solutions supporting their business.

Workshops offered

  • One seller (e.g. one system integrator) looking to expand opportunities with existing accounts. We will work with you and analyze several of your accounts using tools and methods you likely have not used before. As a result, you will uncover previously hidden opportunities and will know how to successfully pursue them.
  • Two or more sellers (e.g. one system integrator and one or more vendors) are looking to figure out how to make 1+1 = 3 work. Engaging with and independent party like us will help to break down the walls between all the stakeholders. We will use tools and methods you likely haven’t used before. Using new tools you will discover, you will learn how to break down walls and uncover previously hidden opportunities.

Please note that we always do a lot of prep work when conducting such workshops, so we need to know in advance what accounts we will look at.

What you can expect from EXPAND

We will use your real-life examples to

  • Identify and analyze your customer’s business model
  • Understand your customer’s needs, use cases and as a result your opportunity
  • Explore drivers for change and digitalization (aka innovation)
  • Pinpoint the motivation and perceived risk of all relevant stakeholders
  • Tips on how to talk to your customer about innovation instead of selling products
  • Understand how to position a lifecycle approach
  • learn how to translate product features and solutions into customer value and to communicate that value instead of talking speeds and feeds

Once we perform all the steps described above you will have a mind map articulating all the critical elements, milestones and timeline and who is responsible for each activity.

EXPAND Learning Modules

Know your Customer

To understand your customer and identify relevant stakeholders you must understand the business or mission model of the company or organization you are targeting. Using various sources like public reports, company websites, mission and vision statements, social media, etc. you should be able to develop an understanding of your customer’s goals, risks and initiatives in the coming year(s). The output of this module is a business / mission model that incorporates all the needed information in an easy to use and easy to visualize tool. Using that model, the initiatives of your customer are the changes to the model and the result of those changes are the goals of your customer. We need to know your customer’s initiatives and goals and we need to know why they matter to move to the next step.

Needs Analysis

The challenge with obtaining needs (requirements) is that most of them are latent and not obvious. We also often don’t connect the need upward to the goal and many times have very little understanding of the impact on a business process or policy. Using what we learned in the previous module we will determine the needs, business drivers, requirement(s) and measurement(s).

Opportunity Discovery

An initiative becomes a project when it was applied to a process or policy. This is the definition of a use case. Value streaming is a tool to understand a process or policy and the implication of the resulting change. We will use this method to analyze an identified need and process to determine your opportunity. The result will be the customer’s project (our opportunity).

Opportunity Assessment

Once we understand where the opportunity lies we need to understand what’s expected of us in this opportunity. Digging deeper we will be able to identify concrete next steps to be proposed to your customer (e.g. ideation, prototyping, PoC, etc.). We also need to understand who the stakeholders are and how much interested and power they wield in this engagement. Furthermore, we need to identify the members of our team and what’s expected and needed of every member. We will conclude with a value map which maps identified gains to your products / services.

Game Plan and Tracking

The final deliverable is a mind map articulating all the critical elements, milestones and timeline and who is responsible for each activity.


Ready to Expand?

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