"Get in the Boat: A Journey to Relevance" by Pat Bodin with Robert Schaffner, front and back covers, book discussing Digital TransformationARE YOU IN THE BOAT?

Get in the Boat addresses the #1 issue preventing companies from realizing the value of digital transformation.

Technology is an important element of any transformation—but the critical piece is the technologist, who bridges the gap from creation to reality. Unfortunately, many technologists are not perceived as relevant by business leaders, nor invited to participate in critical decisions.

And their company suffers.

This International Best Seller faces this challenge head-on, helping business leaders and technologists to have a bright future in the same boat.

Amazon Reader Reviews:

“Get in the Boat…provides a practical, comprehensive framework for how technologists can connect their work to the process and business models of their companies.”

“So rare to find a book that’s not only a good read, but practical.”

“This book teaches how to rewire the way you approach your work to ensure business relevance”


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